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loved these two!

(although wasn’t it kind of a dead giveaway when she mentioned she was a pan am stewardess since they weren’t allowed to be married?)

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the problem with pan am

One┬áthing that’s been bothering me for several episodes now is that most of the main characters don’t really have flaws or room for character development. All of them are perfect-looking people who can save the day perfectly while being perfectly groomed and dressed. Which is nice to look at, but gets boring after a while. We see shadows and hints of each character’s personality through flashbacks, but in the present they never do any wrong. Of course, they are also the most righteous and ethical people in the show and always make the ‘right’ decision.

All minor characters that are introduced in the show are either ethical, good-looking people as well (and therefore a perfect match for the perfect main characters!) or exist for the sole purpose of being assholes so that the main characters look even better by comparison.

I think another problem with Pan Am is that there isn’t really a main antagonist from episode to episode, aside from the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this show, but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement.

tl;dr pan am characters need to stop being so flawless all the time

*goes back to making gifs*

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